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Jo Beet Gayi So Baat Gayi lyrics in English (Translation):The Song is sung by Amitabh Bachchan, and lyrics are written by Harivansh Rai Bachchan. We hope you enjoy this song.

Jo Beet Gayi So Baat Gayi Song Details

📌 Song TitleJo Beet Gayi So Baat Gayi Lyrics
🎤 SingersAmitabh Bachchan
✍️ LyricsHarivansh Rai Bachchan
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Jo Beet Gayi So Baat Gayi Lyrics in English (Translation)


Jo Beet Gaee So Baat Gaee,

jeevan Mein Ek Sitaara Tha,
maana Vah Behad Pyaara Tha,
vah Doob Gaya To Doob Gaya,
ambar Ke Aanan Ko Dekho,
kitane Isake Taare Toote,
kitane Isake Pyaare Chhoote,
jo Chhoot Gae Phir Kahaan Mile,
par Bolo Toote Taaron Par,
kab Ambar Shok Manaata Hai,
jo Beet Gaee So Baat Gaee,


jeevan Mein Vah Tha Ek Kusum,
the Usapar Nity Nichhaavar Tum,
vah Sookh Gaya To Sookh Gaya,
madhuvan Kee Chhaatee Ko Dekho,
sookhee Kitanee Isakee Kaliyaan,
murjhaee Kitanee Vallariyaan,
jo Murjhaee Phir Kahaan Khilee,
par Bolo Sookhe Phoolon Par,
kab Madhuvan Shor Machaata Hai,
jo Beet Gaee So Baat Gaee,

jeevan Mein Madhu Ka Pyaala Tha,
tumane Tan Man De Daala Tha,
vah Toot Gaya To Toot Gaya,
madiraalay Ka Aangan Dekho,
kitane Pyaale Hil Jaate Hain,
gir Mittee Mein Mil Jaate Hain,
jo Girate Hain Kab Uthaten Hain,
par Bolo Toote Pyaalon Par,
kab Madiraalay Pachhataata Hai,
jo Beet Gaee So Baat Gaee,

mrdu Mitatee Ke Hain Bane Hue,
madhu Ghat Phoota Hee Karate Hain,
laghu Jeevan Lekar Aae Hain,
pyaale Toota Hee Karate Hain,
phir Bhee Madiraalay Ke Andar ,
madhu Ke Ghat Hain Madhu Pyaale Hain,
jo Maadakata Ke Maare Hain,
ve Madhu Loota Hee Karate Hain,
vah Kachcha Peene Vaala Hai,
jisakee Mamata Ghat Pyaalon Par,
jo Sachche Madhu Se Jala Hua,
kab Rota Hai Chillaata Hai,
jo Beet Gaee So Baat Gaee..

Traslation / Meaning

let it go


once upon a time there was a star
i think he was cute
he drowned he drowned
look at amber’s anan
how many of its stars are broken
how many loved ones are left
those who left then where did they meet
speak on broken strings
when amber mourns
let it go

in life he was a safflower
you were always on it
it’s dry it’s dry
look at madhuvan’s chest
how dry are its buds
how many flowers wither
Where did the wither bloom again
but speak on dried flowers
When Madhuvan makes noise
let it go

life was a cup of honey
you gave your heart
he broke he broke
look at the patio of the tavern
how many cups are shaken
falls into the soil
those who fall when they get up
but speak on broken cups
when the tavern repents
let it go

made of soft clay
Honey keeps falling apart
brought short life
only break cups
still inside the bar
there are pots of honey there are bowls of honey
who are addicted
they only steal honey
he is a raw drinker
Whose affection is on the cups
burnt with true honey
when cries and screams
let it go..

Written By: Harivansh Rai Bachchan

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