Baby Bring It On (बेबी ब्रिंग इट ऑन) Lyrics & English Translation – Nikhita Gandhi, Ajay Gogavale

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Baby Bring It On (बेबी ब्रिंग इट ऑन): is a high-energy track from the 2024 album “Madgaon Express,” featuring the vocals of Nikhita Gandhi and Ajay Gogavale. The song title and playful nature of the lyrics suggest a dance-oriented track with a potential call-and-response element (“Baby Bring It On”).

Looking at the credits, we see some well-established names in Indian music. Ajay-Atul, the composers, have a history of creating chart-topping Bollywood hits. Kumar, the lyricist, is known for his work on numerous successful soundtracks. The combination of these talents suggests a polished and commercially-appealing song.

Baby Bring It On Song Info:

  • Song Title: Baby Bring It On
  • Movie / Album: Madgaon Express (2024)
  • Singer(s): Nikhita Gandhi , Ajay Gogavale ,
  • Lyrics: Kumaar
  • Music: Ajay-Atul
  • Label: Zee Music

Baby Bring It On Lyrics – Nikhita Gandhi, Ajay Gogavale

Baby Bring It On Lyrics in Hindi



**Verse 1:**,

आज डांस करेंगे यारों (Aaj dance karenge yaaron),
चाहे बजे सुबह के चार (Chaahe baje subah ke chaar),
चलो शर्म को गोली मारो (Chalo sharm ko goli maaro),
बढ़े ठुमको की रफ़्तार (Badhe thumko ki raftaar),

**Verse 2:**,

मजे में ही रानी कटेगी जवानी (Maze mein hi raani kategi jawani),
टेंशन लेगा कौन (Tension lega kaun),


**Verse 3:**,

बेबी (Baby) ब्रिंग इट ऑन (bring it on),
रैडि है राजा (Radi hai raja),
ब्रिंग इट ऑन (bring it on),
बाहों में आजा (Baahon mein aaja),
ब्रिंग इट ऑन (bring it on),
जलवे दिखा (Jalwe dikhata),

**Verse 4:**,

ना मैं फूलों सी सावन के झूलों सी (Na main phoolon si saawan ke jhulon si),
बचके तू रहना कुड़ी हूँ पटाका (Bachke tu rahana kudi hoon pataka),
है आँखें बंधुको सी कातिल मशूकों सी (Hai aankhen banduko si kaatil mashukon si),
दिल पे करूँगी धमाका (Dil pe karungi dhamaaka),

**Verse 5:**,

अरे खतरों से खाली नहीं है मवाली (Are khatron se khali nahin hai mawali),
मेरे हुस्न का इलाका (Mere husn ka ilaaka),
है दिल उसका तोड़ा कहीं का ना छोड़ा (Hai dil uska toda kahin ka na chhoda),
की जिसने भी डाला है डाका (Ki jisne bhi dala hai daaka),

**Verse 6:**,

ऐ नखरे वखरे छोड़ (Ae nakhre vakhre chhod),
तू नाच मस्ती में (Tu naach masti mein),
बाजे जश्न का ढोल (Baaje jashn ka dhol),
दिलों की बस्ती में (Dilon ki basti mein),

**Verse 7:**,

फिकर नहीं घरवालों की (Fikar nahin gharwalon ki),
हमको है आज़ादी रे (Humko hai azaadi re),
थोड़ा सा तू बिगड़ेगी (Thoda sa tu bigdegi),
लाइफ सीधी साधी रे (Life sidhi saadhi re),

**Verse 8:**,

हम हैं परिंदे मस्ताने (Hum hain parinde mastane),
खुली हवा में उड़ते (Khuli hawa mein udte),
जो भी होगा हो जाने दो (Jo bhi hoga ho jaane do),
पीछे नहीं हम मुड़ते (Peeche nahin hum mudte),

**Verse 9:**,

तू है तबाही आंधी ले आई (Tu hai tabahi aandhi le aai),
तेरे जैसा कौन (Tere jaisa kaun),

**Verse 10:**,

ब्रिंग इट (Bring it) ब्रिंग इट (bring it) आलिंगनाला (aalingnala),
ब्रिंग इट ऑन (bring it on),

**Verse 11:**,

बेबी (Baby) ब्रिंग इट ऑन (bring it on),
आलिंगनाला (Aalingnala) ब्रिंग इट ऑन (bring it on),
आलिंगनाला (Aalingnala) ब्रिंग इट ऑन (bring it on),

**Verse 12:**,

बेबी (Baby) ब्रिंग इट ऑन (bring it on),
आलिंगनाला (Aalingnala) ब्रिंग इट ऑन (bring it on),
आलिंगनाला (Aalingnala) ब्रिंग इट ऑन (bring it on),

**Verse 13:**,

बेबी (Baby) ब्रिंग इट ऑन (bring it on),
आलिंगनाला (Aalingnala) ब्रिंग इट ऑन (bring it on),
आलिंगनाला (Aalingnala) ब्रिंग इट ऑन (bring it on),

**Verse 14:**,

बेबी (Baby) ब्रिंग इट ऑन (bring it on),
आलिंगनाला (Aalingnala) ब्रिंग इ

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Baby Bring It On English Translation:

Verse 1:,

Let’s Dance Today, Friends,
Even If It’s Four In The Morning,
Let’s Shoot Shyness,
And Increase The Pace Of Our Thumkas,

Meaning: The First Verse Of The Song Sets The Tone For The Rest Of The Song. It Is A Call To Action, Encouraging People To Let Loose And Have Fun. The Singer Is Urging Her Friends To Dance With Her, Even If It Is Early In The Morning. She Is Also Telling Them To Forget About Their Shyness And Just Enjoy Themselves.,

Verse 2:,

Our Youth Will Be Spent In Fun,
Who Will Worry?,

Meaning: The Second Verse Of The Song Is About Living Life To The Fullest. The Singer Is Saying That She Wants To Spend Her Youth Having Fun And Not Worrying About Anything. She Is Aware That Her Youth Will Not Last Forever, So She Wants To Make The Most Of It.,


Baby, Bring It On,
The King Is Ready,
Bring It On,
Come Into My Arms,
Bring It On,
Show Your Moves,
Bring It On,

Meaning: The Chorus Of The Song Is A More Personal Invitation From The Singer To Her Lover. She Is Telling Him That She Is Ready For Him And That She Wants Him To Come To Her. She Is Also Asking Him To Show Her What He Can Do.,

Verse 3:,

I’m Not Like Flowers Or Swings Of The Monsoon,
Be Careful, I’m A Firecracker,
My Eyes Are Like Guns, Like Killer Lovers,
I’ll Blow Your Heart Away,

Meaning: The Third Verse Of The Song Is About The Singer’s Confidence And Independence. She Is Not Afraid To Show Her Strength And She Is Not Afraid To Go After What She Wants. She Is Comparing Herself To A Firecracker, Which Is A Symbol Of Danger And Excitement. She Is Also Comparing Her Eyes To Guns, Which Is A Symbol Of Power.,

Verse 4:,

Hey, The Mwali Is Not Empty Of Dangers,
This Is The Area Of My Beauty,
He Broke Her Heart, He Didn’t Leave A Trace,
Of The One Who Robbed Her,

Meaning: The Fourth Verse Of The Song Is About The Singer’s Past Heartbreak. She Is Saying That She Has Been Hurt Before, But She Is Not Going To Let That Stop Her From Moving On. She Is Still Confident And Independent, And She Is Still Looking For Love.,


Oh, Leave Your Tantrums,
Dance In Ecstasy,
Let The Drum Of Celebration Beat,
In The City Of Hearts,

Meaning: The Bridge Of The Song Is A Call For Unity And Celebration. The Singer Is Urging People To Put Aside Their Differences And Come Together To Dance And Have Fun. She Is Saying That Life Is Too Short To Be Angry Or Upset, So We Should Just Enjoy It.,


We Are Free Birds,
Flying In The Open Air,
Whatever Happens, Let It Happen,
We Don’t Turn Back,

Meaning: The Outro Of The Song Is A Reminder That We Are All Free To Live Our Lives The Way We Want To. The Singer Is Saying That We Should Not Let Anyone Tell Us What To Do Or How To Live. We Should Just Be Ourselves And Enjoy Our Freedom.

Official Music Video of Baby Bring It On Song

Meaning Behind the Lyrics:

The song “Baby bring it on” is a party anthem that encourages people to let loose and have fun. The lyrics talk about dancing all night long, not worrying about what others think, and living life to the fullest. The song is upbeat and catchy, and it is sure to get people moving.
The song also has a message of female empowerment. The singer is confident and independent, and she is not afraid to show her strength. She is not afraid to take risks, and she is not afraid to go after what she wants. The song is a reminder that women can be anything they want to be, and they should never let anyone tell them otherwise

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