Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Exsultate, jubilate Lyrics Meaning in English

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Exsultate, jubilate lyrics meaning in English:The Song is sung by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and lyrics are written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. We hope you enjoy this song.

Exsultate, jubilate Song Details

📌 Song TitleExsultate, jubilate
🎤 SingersWolfgang Amadeus Mozart
✍️ LyricsWolfgang Amadeus Mozart
🎼 Producersacred texts

Exsultate, jubilate Lyrics Meaning (English Translation) – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Exsultate, Jubilate,
o Vos Animae Beatae!
Dulcia Cantica Canendo,
cantui Vestro Respondendo,
psallant Aethera Cum Me.

Fulget Amica Dies,
iam Fugere Et Nubila Et Procellae;
exortus Est Justis Inexspectata Quies.
Undique Obscura Regnabat Nox;
surgite Tandem Laeti,
qui Timuistis Adhuc,
et Iucundi Aurorae Fortunatae
frondes Dextera Plena Et Lilia Date.


Tu, Virginum Corona,
tu Nobis Pacem Dona.
Tu Consolare Affectus,
unde Suspirat Cor.


Traslation / Meaning

Exult, rejoice,
o blessed souls!
Singing sweet songs,
singing your song,
the heavens sing praise with me.

A friendly day shines forth,
clouds and thunderstorms have already moved away;
unforeseen peace has come to the righteous.
Darkness was all over the world;
arise joyfully at last
you, who were hitherto in fear,
and, well-disposed, to the blissful morning light
lavishly present wreaths of leaves and lilies.


You, the Virgin’s garland *,
grant us peace.
Dull the grief,
which makes our heart sigh.


Written By: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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