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Its not Love lyrics meaning in English (Translation):The Song is sung by Khan Bhaini, and lyrics are written by Khan Bhaini. We hope you enjoy this song.

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📌 Song TitleIts not Love Lyrics
🎤 SingersKhan Bhaini
✍️ LyricsKhan Bhaini
🎼 MusicJay Trak

Its not Love Lyrics in English (Translation)

Tainu har ik de naal ho janda
Tainu is one day old
Eh pyaar ni hona
oh no love
2 2 bediyan de vich tarda tu
2 2 Bedian de vich tarda tu
Injh paar ni hona
sin excess

Oh sarthi aa tu jo sameya di
oh auriga the moment reached me
Chaal vekh ke rath badle
change car carefully
Kitey rull javenga challeya oye
Kitay Rul Javenga Challeya Oye 
Tu nitt nava koi hath badle
never changes hands

Naale maade time ch khadeya hi ni
The pipe that used to eat that time is still there.
Tu yaar ni hona
no there my friend
2 2 bediyan de vich tarda tu
2 2 Bedian de vich tarda tu
Injh paar ni hona
sin excess

Haye teri fitrat pata tera fame vi pata ae
I have found your nature and I have found your fame.
Teri soch vi pata ae tera aim vi pata ae
Know your thoughts, know yours
Tere naal bas yaar hor khedna ni hun
I just have to start the ropes, my friend.
Rule vi pata ae teri game vi pata ae
Rule Vi Pata A Teri Game Vi Pata A

Tera kal vi pata ae tera ajj vi pata ae
You will be known tomorrow, you will be known tomorrow.
Teri pata ae chalaaki tera chajj vi pata ae
Know your astucia, know your astucia.
Tere mohreyan ton changgi tarah jaanu
May your loved ones go well.
Tere pata ne vakeel tera judge vi pata ae
His address is the lawyer, his judge is the addressee.

Tere kamm ni changge lakh bhavein
That there are millions of people looking for you.
Tu bhaini aala khan hove
should be cooked
Par ehda matlab eh vi nahi
But it doesn’t mean anything
Tu changga na insaan hove
eres un ser humano sano

Tu sabb nu lutt laye ainna vi hoshiyaar ni hona
Tu sab nu lute laaye aenna vi hosiyaar ni hona
2 2 bediyan de vich tarda tu injh paar ni hona
2 2 By the time it takes you to inject, it is not happening.

Tere apne mukde jande beshaq paisa mukda ni
You have your own cases, assuming the money is not a case.
Sukh vich vi tera ki karna je sathi dukh da ni
What does happiness do without your company?
Tere jhooth de charche jooraan te
let your thoughts have been heard
Par bahuta chir sach lukda ni
But the truth remains hidden for a long time.

Tere naal kise ne turna ki
Who twisted your cord?
Tu aap kise layi rukda ni
Why are you waiting for me?
Jad thokar vajjdi rona ae
Jad tokar vajjadi rona a
Kade raah chon roda chukda ni
Kade rah chon roda kuda na

Hass hass ke hadhan tapp janae
Risas and Risas
Pher haal vi mudke puchda ni
Then I turned and asked
Kivein agge vadhna zindagi ch
Why should I kill my life?
Tethon badeyan ne sikhya par
Thethon Badeyan taught

Bade masle gauna duniya de
The big problems disappear in the world.
Kade apne avgun likhya kar
note your demerits clearly
Na jeet di aadat paa sajjna
Don’t let it be carried by custom, gentleman.
Phir haar ni hona
never returns to lose

2 2 bediyan de vich tarda tu
2 2 Bedian de vich tarda tu
Injh paar ni hona
sin excess

Written By: Khan Bhaini


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