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3 Daqat lyrics meaning in English:The Song is sung by Abu, and lyrics are written by Abu. We hope you enjoy this song.

3 Daqat Song Details

📌 Song Title3 Daqat
🎤 SingersAbu
✍️ LyricsAbu
🎼 ProducerAbu

3 Daqat Lyrics Meaning (English Translation) – Abu


Wa2t Ghroub Eshams Waa’ef Albahr Ba3eed
3amal Ahkelo Washkelo Wasrah Wa A’3ead
Faga2a Laa2etha Wkunt Fakerha 3arouset Elbahr
Kharga Mn Elmayia Wa Taletha Aa’wa Min Elsehr

Lamma Shoftaha Alby Daa2 Talat Daa’at
Witabla Dakhalt Le3bt Gwa Dmaghy Hagat
Lamma El Re2 Dakhal Alby Raa2 Wa Hanet
Tab Ha3mel Eh Ruht Ana Ghanet


Emta Elhob Taal, Alby Wla Fil Khayal
Odek Da Feh Yeta2al Mawaal
w Ya 3eeny Yaah, Ya Sedy Ala Alyam
Lamma Tehady 2olobna Gharam, Faga2a Yehon Kul Ely Fat

W Laa2et Guwaya Khena’a Amet Ala Tul
3aa2ly Ye3aa2lny W Alby Y2oly Rohlaha 2ol
Makhadetsh Swany Wkan Alby Tale3 Kasban
Ruht W 2oltelha En Ana Walhaan

wtmur Shohor W Snen 3la Yumha Wmsh Nasyieen
Ana Shuftak Emta Ya Hob El3omr Wshoftak Fan
wi Bnegy Sawa Nehky Hkayatna Hena Lelbahr
3an 2est Hob A2wa Mn Elsehr

Traslation / Meaning

I was standing by the sea at sunset
I was complaining and hanging loosely, explaining to the sea once and again
Suddenly I saw her, And I thought she was a mermaid
Getting out of the water with a glimpse stronger than the magic


When I saw her, my heart beat three times
The drum entered in my head playing with the things inside
When the riq entered in my heart, I fell in love
What could i do? I began to sing

When did the love increase? my heart is between the stars
In the love of your body, many ballads are written
oh my eyes, my lord, how beautiful are the days!
When they gift our hearts a love ..suddenly everything is ok

Suddenly a big fight started inside of me
My brain was reasoning with me while my heart was telling me to tell her
In seconds my heart was the winner
I went to tell her that i am in love

Many months and years pass by and we have never forgot
When I saw you, the love of my life and where
And together we go to tell our tales to the sea
About a love story stonger than the magic

Written By: Abu

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