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Ujjwal Patni Biography : Ujjwal Patni is a popular motivational speaker and writer. He has carved a special place for himself in the hearts of millions of readers due to his inspiring writing style.

Earlier, he was a dental doctor, now recognized globally. Ujjwal Patni is a successful speaker from India who holds many Guinness World Records.

Apart from this, the YouTube channel of Dr. Ujjwal Patni has also been awarded the Prestigious Gold Creator Award by YouTube.


Ujjwal Patni Biography

NameUjjwal Patni
NicknameDr. Ujjwal Patni
ProfessionYouTuber, motivational speaker, author
Famous forHis books
Birthday Date (DOB)13 Nov 1973
Born placeBhilai, Chhattisgarh
Age47 years (as 2020)
Zodiac signScorpio
Current cityChhattisgarh
Marital statusMarried
LanguageHindi and  English

Date of Birth, Age & Family

Ujjwal Patni was born  on 13 November 1973 in Bhilai city of Chhattisgarh state, and Ujjwal Patni lives in Bhilai with his family and with this his wife and children also live and there is no information about mother and father, And these are three brothers and Dr. Ujjwal Patni is the eldest among all his brothers. 


Dr Ujjwal Patni has been a student of English medium since the beginning, yet speaks very good Hindi and English, it is said that he was more interested in sports, such as chess, drama etc. Patni did BDS course in Dental College after 12th. Later he studied Master’s degree in Political Science and Business and later on became a famous Motivational Guru, he has also got the title of Dr.

After completing his studies, Dr. Patni focused on his passion and started writing books, his books became very popular, he initially wrote his 7 books which were published in 7 languages ​​by the Government of India in 24 countries, from here one of his The journey of being a successful writer had begun. Today they have created many books and online portals through which they are motivating people for business.

There are also big shows in their country, in which people from abroad come to participate, as well as motivate people from YouTube. This is a commendable work for a person belonging to a normal family.



Ujjwal Patni Biography

Dr. Patni started his career as a Motivational Speaker, in which he has been motivating people through Youtube.

Later on, after completing his studies, he started working as a business coach. Ujjwal Patni focused on his passion and began writing books that people highly appreciated.

Due to this, he wrote 7 books published in 7 languages ​​​​in addition to India, in 24 countries abroad. Thus Patni Ji became a successful writer.

Dr. Ujjwal Patni started his career as a doctor, and he was a dental doctor earlier. However, he was not happy with him because Ujjwal Patni wanted to do something big in his life.

Then he thought of making a career in network marketing. Then he started doing network marketing, from which he started wishing for good money. And then also became a motivational speaker, and he began doing seminars from which he earned good money. used to take

And in between, he also wrote 7 books, which I have mentioned below. And then he created his YouTube channel in 2009. Then, he started making videos related to business and parenting on that YouTube channel. And today, there are about 6 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. Ujjwal Patni Biography.

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And so is Dr. Ujjwal Patni, a renowned motivational writer and highly respected business coach and mentor to his million-strong community. His motivational videos have helped people find a balance between business and life. Hugely popular, ‘ The Ujjwal Patni Show ‘ is a huge success and is simultaneously released on YouTube, Facebook, and WhatsApp, helping people stay connected with Dr. Patni’s successful ways and working.

Dr. Ujjwal Patni is a very generous person. And he is different from other motivational speakers in India by creating 3 Guinness World Records. As a content creator, he has received the prestigious Gold Creator Award from YouTube. In his journey to becoming a life coach, he has been honored more than 15 times at the national and international levels. Ujjwal Patni Biography in Hindi

In this way, Patni Ji organizes Ujjwal Patni’s show everywhere in India so that people can be motivated and people can also be motivated through their YouTube channel. As a motivational speaker, Ujjwal has developed a positive spirit among many by addressing more than 2000 motivational seminars in more than 100 countries.

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Ujwal Patni has helped transform the lives of over a million people. Top personalities, politicians, industrialists, and social figures from different walks of life have shared the stage with Dr. Patni and still admire them. Ujjwal Patni Biography in Hindi

Like a true leader, Dr. Patni has a wide presence in print and electronic media nationally and internationally. He is leaving behind a gratifying career in Dental Health Care.

Dr. Ujjwal Patni chose to dedicate his life to public care by inspiring people to maximize their potential and achieve more meaningful goals.

Ujjwal Patni has launched Business Jeeto, the first Hinglish online business and life coaching platform with a vision to inspire and guide current and aspiring entrepreneurs and small-time employees.

Dr. Ujjwal Patni aims to make India one of the best thinkers and reformers on the world map by transforming billions of ordinary people into outstanding human beings. Dr. Ujjwal Patni says my knowledge will enlighten the world for centuries, whatever my existence may be.

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Net worth

According to the Youtubers.me, Dr. Ujjwal Patni net worth is $3M;  

From YouTube Channel:

Approximate monthly income $ 4.85K– $ 6.42K
Approximate yearly income  $ 98K – $ 588K

From Books:

We researched all things (Market news, interviews, information on the web) about this.

According to these things;

Approximate yearly  income $45K – $80.10k 


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