NEFFEX – Before I’m Gone Lyrics in English

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Before I’m Gone lyrics meaning in English by NEFFEX:The Song is sung by NEFFEX, and lyrics are written by Brandon Horth. We hope you enjoy this song.

Before I’m Gone Song Details

📌 Song TitleBefore I’m Gone
🎤 SingersNEFFEX
✍️ LyricsBrandon Horth
🎼 ProducerBrandon Horth

Before I’m Gone Lyrics

I Gotta Stay Awake
Stay Alive
It’s All On Me To Find A Way To Make
It In Life
Have To Believe
Or Else The Pain Will Take
All The Fight
Right Out Of Me So I Just Lay Awake
Late At Night Thinking Of Things That I Could
Do To Make Progress
It’s All In The Process
Train The Subconscious
That Sh*t Works I Promise
So Take What You Need
No Brakes Hit The Speed
Don’t Save Anything
Don’t Waste All You Could Be


I’ll Do It Right, I’ll Do It Wrong
I’m Gonna Fight, Have To Be Strong
I Wanna Fly Before I’m Gone
Before I’m Gone

I Can Taste The Success
Now I’m All But Obsessed
I Wake Up I’m Possessed
I Just Wanna Be The Best
Fly Above All The Rest
Not Enough What Is Next
Feel The Blood In My Chest
Let It Pump Until I’m Dead

I Wanna Feel Alive
I’ve Got This Inner Drive
Ain’t Working 9 To 5
I’ll Be Working 9 To 9
I’m Living Double Lives
I Work Hard In The Light
Then Rocking Late At Night
I’ll Live Like This Until I Die

I’ll Do It Right I’ll Do It Wrong
I’m Gonna Fight Have To Be Strong
I Wanna Fly Before I’m Gone
Before I’m Gone


Written By: Brandon Horth

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