Kya Say Lyrics in English (Translation) – Badshah, Sukriti Kakar, Prakriti Kakar

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Kya Say lyrics in English (Translation):The Song is sung by Badshah, Sukriti Kakar, Prakriti Kakar, and lyrics are written by Badshah. We hope you enjoy this song.

Kya Say Song Details

📌 Song TitleKya Say Lyrics
🎤 SingersBadshah, Sukriti Kakar, Prakriti Kakar
✍️ LyricsBadshah
🎼 MusicBadshah, Chamath Sangeeth

Kya Say Lyrics in English (Translation)


Apna Hi Saaya Main Dekh Ke Sharma Jaun,
Aisa Toone Kar Diya Hai Kya,
Bas Teri Khushboo Hi Aati Mujhe,
Toone Saanson Mein Bhar Diya Hai Kya,

Ho Dheere Dheere Dheere,
Jo Tu Paas Mere Aaye,
Saansein Hosh Neend Chain,
Charon Ud Jayein,


Tu Hai Main Hoon Teesra,
Koyi Nazar Bhi Na Aaye,
Aur Kahun Tujhse Mein Kya,

Kya Say Kya Say Kya Say,

Kya Say Kya Say,
Kya Say Kya Say Kya Say,
Aye Media Bole Jo Mere Baare Mein,
Baatein Woh Saari Irrelevant,
You Make Me Come Into My Element,
Picture You Riding The Elephant,

Aise Hi Hoon Main,
Wild Hai Meri Imagination,
Aapa Kho Rahi Hai,
Woh Paagal Ho Rahi Hai,
In Anticipation Of Precipitation,


Aye Barsega Baadal,

Barsega Barsega Baadal,
Woh Bhi Ek Arse Se Pyasi,
Main Be Ek Arse Se Paagal,
Kya Say,
Hum Dono Hi Pyase,
Hum Dono Hi Paagal,
Chal Niklein Yahan Se,

Baal Thode Geele Geele,
Honth Thode Khule Khule,
Aankhein Thodi Band Band Si,

Khud Ko Main Le Jaaun Kahan,
Husn Yeh Chupaun Kahan,
Kurti Thodi Tang Tang Si,

Sochun Kya Kya Bolun Lekin,
Munh Se Nikle Haaye,
Aaj Dekhun Main Bhi,
Jo Hona Hai Ho Hi Jaaye,
Kare Tu Jo Main Chahun,
Main Karun Jo Tu Chahe,
Aankhon Se Tu Aankhein To Mila,

Kya Say Kya Say Kya Say,
It�s Your Boy Badshah,
Kya Say Kya Say Kya Say Kya Say,

Traslation / Meaning

I am ashamed to see my own shadow
have you done that
I can only smell you
have you filled your breath
oh slowly slowly
that you come to me
breath consciousness sleep peace
fly around

You are me I am someone else
don’t even see
and tell you what I

from what
from what
from what
from what
from what

from what
from what
from what

Hey media jo bole mere baare mein
Baatein woh saari irrelevant
You make me come into my element
Picture you riding the elephant
Aise hi hun mein wild hai my imagination
Where are you going where are you going
In anticipation of precipitation

Hey what the media said about me
all those things irrelevant
You make me come into my element
Picture you riding the elephant
This is how I am wild my imagination
she’s losing her temper she’s going crazy
In anticipation of precipitation

it will rain
It will rain it will rain
she is also thirsty for a long time
I’ve been crazy for a while too

from what
we both thirsty
we both crazy
walk out of here

hair a little messy
lips slightly open
eyes slightly closed

where do i take myself
Where should I hide this beauty
kurti a bit tight

think what to say but
hi out of my mouth
see me today
what has to happen will happen
do what i want
i do what you want
you met eyes with eyes

from what
from what
from what

It’s your boy badshah!

from what
from what
from what
from what

Written By: Badshah

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