Esta Danada Lyrics Meaning in English – Ivan Cornejo

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Esta Danada lyrics in English : Esta Danada is a song written by Ivan Cornejo. and composed by Ivan Cornejo. Ivan Cornejo sings the song. We hope you enjoy this song.

Esta Danada Song Details

📌 Song TitleEsta Danada
🎤 SingersIvan Cornejo
✍️ LyricsIvan Cornejo
🎼 ProducerIvan Cornejo

Esta Danada Lyrics in English

-{Verse 1}-
She Is Damaged By Love, Doesn’t Feel Any Pain
Her Happiness Has Ended, Her Faith Has Vanished


She Doesn’t Believe In Love Anymore, She Ran Out Of Faith
She Doesn’t Believe In Love Anymore, Every Day It Rains In Her World

Her Smile, Her Small Face
Her Little Hands, Oh, What A Delight
Oh, How Pretty Your Small Face Is
She Likes To Dance With Her Friends
That Brings Out Hеr Beautiful Smile
Her Bеautiful Smile, Oh, What A Delight
All Manzanita

-{Verse 2}-
She Moved So Delightfully To Reggaet�n
Every Night Singing The Song
That We Danced To, We Kissed Each Other Very Drunk
And When You’re Crying, Locked Up In Your Room
I Hope You Sing My Song

La, La-la, La-la
La, La-la, La-la, Ah
La, La-la, La-la
La, La-la, La-la, Ah


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In conclusion, we can see that the Esta Danada lyrics in English are beautiful and evoke a sense of peace and tranquility. They provide us with a means of contemplation and a window into the soul. Therefore, we should all take the time to listen to them and hopefully derive some benefit from doing so.

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