Drishyam 2 (Title Track) Lyrics in English (Translation) – Usha Uthup, Vijay Prakash

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Drishyam 2 (Title Track) lyrics in English (Translation):The Song is sung by Usha Uthup, Vijay Prakash, and lyrics are written by Amitabh Bhattacharya. We hope you enjoy this song.

Drishyam 2 (Title Track) Song Details

📌 Song TitleDrishyam 2 (Title Track) Lyrics
🎤 SingersUsha Uthup, Vijay Prakash
✍️ LyricsAmitabh Bhattacharya
🎼 MusicRockstar DSP (Devi Sri Prasad)

Drishyam 2 (Title Track) Lyrics in English (Translation)


Sach Lagta Hai Jhooth Jaisa,
Hai Yeh Teri Aankhon Ka Karam,

Jo Yeh Dekhti Hai Sach Hai Woh,
Ya Hai Sach Hone Ka Bharam,


Jitni Bhi Sunvaaiyan,
Jhooth Ki Ho Sau Duhaiyan,
Deke Rehta Hai Sach Ki Gawahiyan,
Drishyam Drishyam,

Shabdon Pe Nahi,
Drishyon Pe Dhayan Do,
Kyunki Shabdon Mein Jhooth,
Chhupne Ki Jagah Dhoondh Hi Leta Hai,

Lekin Drishya,
Drishya Kabhi Jhooth Nahi Bolte,
Isliye Sawaal Yeh Nahi Hai Ke,
Aapke Aankhon Ke Saamne Kya Hai,
Sawaal Yeh Hai Ke Aap Dekh Kya Rahe Ho,

Jhooth Mein Toh Kayi Raaz Chhupte Hain,
Khaa Ke Jhoothi Si Kasam Drishyam Drishyam,
Raaz Reh Ke Bhi Reh Nahi Pata Hai,
Yeh Sach Ka Dharam Drishyam Drishyam,


Jhoothi Ladke Ladaiyan,
Jhooth Deta Hai Safaiyan,
Laake Rehta Hai Jhooth Ki Tabahiyan,

Drishyam Drishyam,
Drishyam Drishyam,

Ek Jhooth Ko Chhupane Mein Toh,
Laakhon Jhooth Pad Gaye Kamm,
Drishyam Drishyam,

Ek Sach Kaafi Todne Ke Liye,
Har Jhooth Ka Aham,
Drishyam Drishyam,

Jhooth Ke Karavaas Mein,
Dum Todne Se Pehle,
Dena Chahta Hai Sach Ko Rihaiyan,

Drishyam Drishyam,
Drishyam Drishyam

Traslation / Meaning

the truth feels like a lie
this is the karma of your eyes

what she sees is true
or is it an illusion to be true

any number of hearings
be a hundred cries of lies
keeps on giving testimonies of truth
visible visible

not on words
focus on vision
because words lie
finds a place to hide

but the scene
visuals never lie
So the question is not whether
what is in front of your eyes
the question is what are you looking for

Secrets are hidden in lies
I swear on a lie
Can’t live even after being a secret
This is true religion scene scene scene

fake girl battles
lie gives clarification
Lies bring havoc

visible visible
visible visible

to cover up a lie
Lakh lie pad gaye kambo
visible visible

enough to break a truth
importance of every lie
visible visible

in prison of lies
before dying
wants to release the truth

visible visible
visible visible

Written By: Amitabh Bhattacharya

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