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Carolina lyrics in English : Carolina is a song written by Taylor Swift. and composed by Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift sings the song. We hope you enjoy this song.

Carolina Song Details

📌 Song TitleCarolina
🎤 SingersTaylor Swift
✍️ LyricsTaylor Swift
🎼 ProducerTaylor Swift

Carolina Lyrics in English

-{Verse 1: Taylor Swift}-
Oh! Carolina Creeks Running Through My Veins
Lost I Was Born, Lonesome I Came
Lonesome I’ll Always Stay
Carolina Knows Why For Years I Roam
Free As These Birds, Light As Whispers
Carolina Knows


-{Pre-Chorus: Taylor Swift}-
And You Didn’t see me here
No, They Never did See Me here
And She’s In My Dreams

-{Chorus: Taylor Swift}-
Into The Mist, Into The Clouds
Don’t Leave
I Make A Fist, I Make It Count
And There Are Places I Will Never, Ever Go
And Things That Only Carolina Will Ever Know

-{Verse 2: Taylor Swift}-
Carolina Stains On The Dress She Left
Indelible Scars, Pivotal Marks
Blue As The Life She Fled
Carolina Pines, Won’t You Cover Me?
Hide Me Like Robes, Down The Back Road
Muddy These Webs We Weave

-{Pre-Chorus: Taylor Swift}-
And You Didn’t See Me Here
They Never Saw Me


-{Verse 3: Taylor Swift}-
Oh! Carolina Knows
Why For Years They’ve Said
That I Was Guilty As Sin
And Sleep In A Liar’s Bed
But The Sleep Comes Fast
And I’ll Meet No Ghosts
It’s Between Me, The Sand, And The Sea
Carolina Knows

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In conclusion, we can see that the Carolina lyrics in English are beautiful and evoke a sense of peace and tranquility. They provide us with a means of contemplation and a window into the soul. Therefore, we should all take the time to listen to them and hopefully derive some benefit from doing so.

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