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Aniruddhacharya ji Maharaj Biography – India is considered to be a country of saints, in which a rite is given to the country and society by many types of saints, in this episode it becomes necessary for all of us to have information about such Mahatma people of the country.

In such a situation, today you will get information related to the biography of Anirudhacharya Ji Maharaj, a famous storyteller in the country through India Biography. Let’s know who is the storyteller Anirudhacharya Ji Maharaj?

Aniruddhacharya ji Maharaj Biography

Full Name _ _Sri Aniruddhacharya ji Maharaj
Nick NameAnirudh
Profession _story reading
Father Name ( Father Name )Shri Avadheshanand Giri who ( Bhagvatacharya)
Age _ _32 years ( 202 2 )
Birthplace _Damoh (Rinvjha Village) 
Date Of Birth _27 September 1989
Religion _ _Hindu
TeacherShri Girraj Shastri Ji Maharaj
FoundationGauri Gopal Old Age Ashram
School _ _ _                not known
College _not known
Caste (Cast)not known
Wife Wife Name (Marital Status/Wife)married
Children (Son Name)not known
Education _ _ _not known
Residence ( Hometown)Vrindavan
Height _ _5.9 inch 173 CM
Weight _68 Kg
Net Worth4 to 5 crore
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Aniruddhacharya ji Maharaj Date of Birth, Age, Family & Son

Param Pujya Shri Anirudhacharya Ji Maharaj was born on 27 September 1989 in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh (India). It is said that the city of Lord Vishnu Varaha is just 9 km away from his place of birth at a place called Rinvjha, where he was born. 


It is said about them that since childhood, they used to go to the Shri Radha Krishna temple of their village regularly to worship Thakur ji.

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Being from a traditional cow devotee family, he used to take great pleasure in serving the mother cow, even today he continues this service. It is said that Maharaj loves to play with the calves of the mother cow. 

When Maharaj used to go to cow grazing when he was young, he used to take Hanuman Chalisa and Gita with him, which he used to recite regularly, and also got his classmates to recite it.


There are a total of 6 people in the family of Aniruddh Maharaj , his wife, two children and his parents, in which his father’s name is Shri Avadheshanand Giri who has been Bhagwatacharya .

Along with this, his wife is also a Guru Mata and she also does the work of giving discourses . Their children live with Maharaj ji ‘s parents.

aniruddhacharya ji maharaj biography

Aniruddhacharya ji Maharaj  Education Qualifications

School education initiation of anurudra chary maharaj ji is very less, due to poor financial condition in childhood, his school education could not be initiated.

Aniruddha Maharaj came to vrindavan from childhood and studied in Sanskrit, apart from this he also studied all the Hindu scriptures.

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Swami Aniruddha Acharya Ji Maharaj has taken his education under the shelter of Guru Sant Giraj Maharaj.

Aniruddhacharya ji Maharaj Career Details

As I told you above that school education initiation of Shri Aniruddhacharya ji has been very less and since childhood Aniruddh maharaj ‘s mind was more towards spirituality.

So he came to Vrindavan and studied a variety of Hindu religious texts under the shelter of his guru and started his career as a story teller and devotional singer.

And in today’s time, through Youtube and many TV channels, he preaches Bhagwat katha in front of people . And where their story is read, there is a huge crowd of people.

Due to which people have to reach the Bhagwat katha place 5, 6 hours before the reading of the story, only then they are able to enjoy the story.

Aniruddhacharya Biography in Hindi edited

Net worh of Aniruddhacharya ji Maharaj :

Swami ji has become a very big name today, with that in many places, his story is continuously booked years ago. If we go to see the annual net worth of Anirudhacharya ji Maharaj , then it can be 4 to 5 crores or even more because it cannot be officially confirmed.

Shri Anirudhacharya Ji Maharaj Service and Work:

First of all talk about Maharaj ji’s works, he is a good storyteller, through his stories, he tells people to walk on a good path, so that there is good development of the country and society, people have devotion to God in their thinking. . In his story, he always advises people to follow the path of devotion so that people can get an opportunity to lead a good life.

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Maharaj ji has also remained the support of the poor, helpless, and needy, it is said that he also organizes marriage programs of poor girls in his institution. So that the marriage of poor girls can be done easily and their life can also become good.

People give 50 thousand as donation to their organization for a one-room house in the ashram for an old mother.

Interesting Fact About Aniruddhacharya ji Maharaj

  • Shri Anirudhacharya Ji Maharaj has so far done more than 500 stories in all over India.
  • Old mothers are also served by them in every religious program.
  • Their goal is to serve the poor and sad old people and to give a good message in the society.
  • Maharaj Ji had laid the foundation of Shri Gau Gauri Gopal Seva Sansthan Samiti on 23 January 2016 in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.
  • On 16th May 2019, the foundation of “Gauri Gopal Ashram” was also done by Maharaj Shree.
  • They are constantly engaged in the service of animals and monkeys, they also serve people every day.
  • Maharaj ji also presses the feet of old mothers.
  • Shri Anirudhacharya has left behind the big story telling gurus of the country at a very young age.
  • For the lifetime service of an old mother, people donate 21 thousand rupees to her organization.
  • Their stories are being seen in great detail these days in India.
  • He has started Gauri Gopal Vriddha Ashram for old mothers.
  • Most of the earnings of Aniruddha Maharaj ji go to the service of old mothers.
  • Swamiji ‘s father was a priest in a temple.
  • In childhood, the younger son of swami ji had died.
  • The most interesting thing about Swami Anirudh Acharya Ji Maharaj is that he paid a lot of attention in the religious field since childhood and got the knowledge of things like Bhagvat Geeta, Ramayana etc.
  • Shri Aniruddhacharya ji Maharaj  and interestingly speaking, his family is found entirely in religious areas, in which his father is Shri Avadheshanand Giri Bhagwatacharya , along with his wife also preaches in the religious field.
  • The most interesting thing about Swami Anirudhacharya ji Maharaj is that in today’s time old and old people are crazy about him, along with the youth of today also show interest in listening to his discourse Bhagwat Katha a lot.
  • If we talk more interesting things about Swami Aniruddha Acharya , then his name comes in the religious field, which is the fastest gaining fame in the present times.
  • The most interesting thing about Aniruddhacharya ji Maharaj  is that in today’s time almost everywhere in every house, you will get to see its hymn in TV, in mobile or through other mediums.
  • The biggest reason for the interest among the youth is that Anirudh Acharya , along with Bhagwat katha   , includes a lot of motivation in his story, due to which today everyone is becoming crazy about it.
  • And the most interesting thing about them is that Swami ji donates most of his earnings to old mothers in Gauri Gopal Vriddha Ashram , he started this organization in 2016.
  • Talking about swami ji and the most interesting thing, then this cow is very much a lover of bull, in childhood, when he was young, Swamiji used to go to graze the cow, so that it grew and grew and this plantation is seen even today.

I hope that you must have liked anuruddacharya ji Maharaj biograph and all kinds of interesting things related to his life and biography even after this, if you have any question in your mind then come and ask in my comment box I will definitely answer your questions. Thanks till then.

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