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120 lyrics in English with Translation:The Song is sung by Bad Bunny, and lyrics are written by Bad Bunny. We hope you enjoy this song.

120 Lyrics in English with Translation / Meaning

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Ey, Ey
Por Ti Me Monto En El Carro Y Meto Ciento Veinte
Si Me Dice’ Qué Quiere’ De Frente

Me Está’ Tentando, Tú Ere’ Una Serpiente
Psíquica, Te Metiste En Mi Mente (eh, Eh)

Por Ti Me Voy En Contra De La Corriente (ah)
No Te Quite’ La Ropa Sin Ponerme Los Lente’ (eh, Eh)


Que Quiero Verte Bien (quiero Verte Bien), Ey
Que Quiero Darte Bien (que Quiero Darte Bien), Ey (ey, Eh)

¿Bajarle Yo? Nah, Nunca Se Me Va A Ocurrir (no)
Bad Bunny En Una Pista E’ Un Bugatti En Un Carril (uh-uh)

Ya Salió El Sol Y No Quiero Dormir (ey)
Mueve Ese Culo Y Yo Tiro Cien Mil (ey, Ey)

Tú Cumple’ En Octubre, Pero Yo Te Quiero Abril (ey, Ey, Ey)
Ven, Que Te Voy A Hacer Venir (uh)


A La Casa En P.R. O La De Beverly Hills (uh-uh)
Por Si Me Llaman Los Lakers Pa’ Dirigir (ey, Ey, Ey)

Porque Saben Que Aquí Siempre Coronamo’ (ey, Ey, Ey)
Invicto’, Nunca Perdemo’ (ey, Ey, Ey)

La Baby E’ Piquetúa’, Por Eso Roncamo’
En La G-Wagon Siempre Prendemo’ (ey, Ey, Ey)

Fuck You, Ey, A To’ El Mundo Le Pichamo’ (ey, Ey, Ey)
Porque Nadie Sabe Lo Que Tenemo’ (ey, Ey, Ey)

Y Lo Rico Que Se Siente Cuando Chingamo’ (ey, Ey, Ey)
Después A La Normalidad Volvemo’ Sin Decirno’ “te Amo”

Por Ti Me Monto En El Carro Y Meto Ciento Veinte (ciento Veinte, Ciento Veinte)
Me Está’ Tentando, Tú Ere’ Una Serpiente (una Serpiente)

Psíquica, Te Metiste En Mi Mente (en Mi Mente, En Mi Mente)

Hey Hey
For you I get in the car and put a hundred and twenty
If she tells me ‘what she wants’ up front

She is ‘tempting me, you are’ a snake
Psychic, you got into my mind (huh, huh)

For you I go against the current (ah)
Don’t take off your clothes without putting on my glasses (eh, eh)

I want to see you well (I want to see you well), hey
I want to give you good (I want to give you good), hey (hey, hey)

I lower him? Nah, it will never occur to me (no)
Bad Bunny on a track and a Bugatti on a lane (uh-uh)

The sun is out and I don’t want to sleep (hey)
Move that ass and I throw a hundred thousand (hey, hey)

Your birthday is in October, but I love you in April (hey, hey, hey)
Come, I’m going to make you come (uh)

To the house in P.R. or the one in Beverly Hills (uh-uh)
In case the Lakers call me to direct (hey, hey, hey)

Because they know that here we always crown (hey, hey, hey)
Undefeated, we never lose (hey, hey, hey)

The baby e’ piquetúa’, that’s why we snore’
In the G-Wagon we always turn on (hey, hey, hey)

Fuck you, hey, to’ the world we pichamo’ (hey, hey, hey)
Because nobody knows what we have (hey, hey, hey)

And how rich it feels when we fuck (hey, hey, hey)
Then we return to normal without saying “I love you”

For you I get in the car and put a hundred and twenty (a hundred and twenty, a hundred and twenty)
It’s tempting me, you are a snake (a snake)

Psychic, you got on my mind (on my mind, on my mind)

Written By: Bad Bunny

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